How To Make A Maternity Body Pillow

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Pregnancy Maternity Body Pillow

Maternity body pillow come in many shapes and sizes. Some of them include dude, teardrop shape and full body support. What works well for a future mom does not always help another. You may need to experiment a little to find out what type provides better support for your dream. You may want to make your own pillow to save money. This way you can create the perfect shape, size and firmness for you.


Fold the fabric in half. Seal the correct sides. Draw the contour of the maternity body pillow; Make it a little larger than the size and shape you want. If you are using the shape of a pillow that is already made, like a foam dude, place it on the fabric. Draw a line around it that is about 2 inches (5 cm) larger. Cut out both layers of canvas. Attach them to the edges with pins.

Sew the fabric layers, leaving an opening large enough to fill it. If you are using a fiber filler, you will only need a small opening. If you use a foam dude, you will need a larger opening. Cut small slits in the side of the joint around the curved edges of the pillow. Avoid cutting over the seams. This will keep the edges of the pillow smooth and even. Turn the inside of the maternity body pillow and fill it. You may want to try the pillow when you fill it to see if it needs to be firmer or softer. Add or remove fill as needed.

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