Make Original Design On Bulk Coffee Mugs

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Bulk Coffee Mugs Custom

Bulk Coffee Mugs – Give a mug of coffee a pinch of your personal touch using a porcelain marker. In this tutorial, you will learn how to transfer already made designs or create your own geometric and organic pattern by hand. We have created some samples of monsters that you can print for free to decorate your coffee mug. If you print them on A4 paper, it should be the perfect size to fit into a typical mug.

For this tutorial, I printed the center monster twice its size because I just wanted to use the head. Of course, you can also print any other design of your choice. Select your favorite monster and cut around the rectangular shape. Clean your bulk coffee mugs and make sure it is free of grease and dust. Make sure the design fits your mug and place it in position. If you only want to include the head, calculate how much your monster fits in the mug and cut the bottom.

Using a soft pencil and applying a lot of pressure, draw the basic lines of the drawing on a sheet of paper. Now, turn the piece of paper with the traced monster and hold it to the bulk coffee mugs, with the monster looking in, use duct tape. Please keep in mind that any designs transferred with this technique will be reflected.

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