Make A Thai Triangle Pillow

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Blue Triangle Pillow

Triangle pillow – Whether you are sitting on the beach with your favorite book or watch TV, can a Thai triangle pillow be perfect. Design your materials on a large flat surface. With tape measure and scissors, measure and cut 30, 10 x 51 cm pieces of rectangular cloth. Next the measuring clips 20, 10 cm equilateral triangles. Using your sewing pins pin three rectangular pieces of fabric together along their longest edge to a 1 cm overlap on each side. Make sure you attach the rectangles together so that the pipes are inside and out. Repeat for the remaining 27 rectangles and you will be left with 10 rolls ready for sewing.

Take your permanent move to the sewing machine and sew the tubes. When you have sewn all sides together to remove sewing pins. You are now ready to attach the triangular ends of your pipes. Using a needle and thread, stitch by hand 10 of your 20 triangles to one end of each of your 10 tubes. It is a replacement for a small overlap when sewing your triangle pillow. After sewing these tubes turn right out.

Arrange your first 4 moves on the table to form the bottom line of triangle pillow. Your triangles must all have a flat side on the table with the tip pointing up. Sewing tips that touches your four triangles together by hand to create the base. For the next line, take one of your tube and sew the bottom two corners of the flat base to the tip on the bottom line.

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