Monogrammed Coffee Mugs Ideas

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Monogrammed Coffee Mugs Design

Monogrammed coffee mugs – The classic way to make monogrammed coffee mugs is to use a potter’s wheel to evenly form the cup. The piece of clay spinning around the center of the potter’s wheel, use your hands to shape the interior and exterior of the cup. After the cup has its form, add a handle or fashion design or structure on the outside or inside of the mug. The process involves letting the mud dry, thermal mug in an oven and then glazing, all concrete and prepare the monogrammed coffee mugs to keep drinks.

Plate construction

You can also make a clay mug without a potter’s wheel. This means that the roll a piece of clay into a rectangular flat piece of wood and create a circular disc-like shape of the bottom. After wrapping rectangular piece around the circle to create the mold cup, pinch bits and strategically add a thin coil around the inside of the cup to provide additional support for its construction. This type of mug must be fired in the same way that they created on a potter’s wheel.

Not all homemade monogrammed coffee mugs. Skilled carvers use wood to make mugs, parallaxes use their skill to fashion glass ones and other artists fashion homemade mugs of tin or other metal. But none of these methods are a perfect project for the beginner craftsman because of the skill required to complete a project.

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