New And Modern Contigo Mugs

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Contigo Mugs Ceramic

Contigo mugs – They can be found in several ways and ways being the best double layer, because these, we will endure the hottest coffee for a longer time. The espresso cups, as a rule, should have a capacity of between 60 and 80 ml. There are, larger, about 150 ml, which are the cups for cappuccino. From this article, we show you how to prepare the best cappuccino, in your own house, in a very easy way.Cups of coffee

The espresso coffee contigo mugs can be either ceramic or glass, being able to choose. Go between various types and models. The coffee cups ceramic, are the most common and the most classic. You can choose from different designs. We have the Italian style coffee cups, which are solid colors both outside the cup and inside. There are also designs that have drawings engraved on the outside.

Whatever the design and style, ideally double layer, to withstand the hot coffee .Choose-cups-of-coffee. contigo mugs also have espresso cups made of stainless steel, with chrome handles and matching plates as well. You can find glass espresso coffee cups, which have the appeal, that when serving the coffee you can see the entire contents of the cup. These are also very important to have double layer.

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