Nice Bathroom Sconce Height

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Bathroom Sconce Height Design

Bathroom sconce height – In modern interior design, electrical sconces often placed in hallways and corridors or bathroom, large function rooms such as ball rooms and conference rooms. Sconces are often used to highlight a point of interest on a wall, such as a piece of art or a plaque. In this manner is of sconces often in museums, historical sites and other places of interest to draw attention of visitors to specific questions.

Bathroom sconce height is usually located three-quarters of the way up the wall between the floor and ceiling. In general, they should be placed either at eye level or higher. In the event space with unusually high ceilings can sconces placed many meters above the head of an adult of average height. The position of a candle holder, of course, also depends on the orientation of the light.

The instructions above for placement of a bathroom sconce height are designed for the most traditional form of Sconces: those that direct light up to the ceiling. But the rule is not the same for sconces that controls the light downward. In some theaters, sconces that direct light downwards used to switch the path between the seats, while the rest of the theater is darkened for a performance. These sconces are often as low as the ankle.

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