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Pottery Mugs Blue

Pottery mugs are everywhere; you may not realize how easy it is to make them with the right material. The key is to use the water decal paper, which is a layer of water soluble adhesive secured water resistant paper. Pictures can be printed on the paper using either a laser or inkjet printer, and using a digital camera and basic photo editing, you can do printed pottery mugs quickly and easily.


Buy the mug you are planning to print on, and use it to measure the size of the image you need. Take a picture of the picture or pictures with a digital camera and download them to your computer. Open your photo in a graphics program, and edit it to your liking. Most images are initially displayed in a rectangular formation, which can look strange on a pottery mugs.

Size your image properly before printing; use the Print dialog to make the right adjustments. Print the image on plain white paper to measure the results, and then when satisfied, print the image on the water slide decal paper. When printing on water slide decal paper, be sure to print on the blank side.

Spray the image with fixative spray, which keeps ink from running. Let the paper dry completely, then cut out the picture and put it in water. The paper should eventually curl, and after it does, lift the decal image. Slide decal on the cup, pressing lightly along the edges to secure it to the mug. Let rob dry. Hand wash the printed pottery mugs instead of putting it in a dishwasher will extend the life of the decal.

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