Pug Pillow Ideas

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Pug Pillow Accesories

Pug pillow – Turn a low coffin to a cozy bench by sewing a box pillow top. Lengths of fabric called edging, sewn to the upper and lower pad parts to create extra depth. Depending on your sewing skills, you can make a simple box pug pillow in about an hour.

Drawing and Cutting pillow Pieces

Measure and draw a rectangle that measures the length modified by the modified width, with chalk. Cut out the rectangle. Slide your scissors inside the crease to separate the fabric into two rectangles. These are the top and bottom of the pad. You need about 3 meters of fabric for most coffins. Draw rectangles measuring the modified length of 4 inches. Cut out rectangles. These are the pad front and rear uprights.

Measurement of Pillow Piece, Measure the length of the chest top. Add 2 inches to the length of the upper and lower parts of the pad. This is the modified length. Measure the width of the chest top. Add 2 inches to this measurement for the width of the top and bottom of the pug pillow. This is the modified width. Place the fabric on the table. Folding fabric to cut two rectangles at the same time.

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