Recommendations Of Washing Cotton Turquoise Pillows

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Turquoise Pillows For Living Room

Turquoise pillows – Cotton pillow case, available in all bed sizes. They combine in the colors of the Nordic cover in all the colors and measures. In the measures of bed of 160, 180 and 200 cm. The default pillows are two units, in the bed measurements of 135 and 150 cm. You can choose one or two pillows.

All cotton fabrics are guaranteed so that no balls or deterioration in color, so this recommendations of washing your cotton turquoise pillows. It is important that when you receive the garment, before using it you must give a pre-wash of a short program of about 15 minutes, with cold or temperate water not exceeding 30 °. Not mixing the garment with other garments.

Due to the intensity of the colors it is recommended to follow the washing cotton turquoise pillows instructions, to take into account that the clothes with stamping of drawings, it is convenient to turn the garment around and that the drawings are on the inside and above all do not wash the garments of color, with light or white garments. Wash with medium or neutral detergents. Maximum temperature 30º. Rinse and dry immediately. Do not leave the garment moist or soaking inside the washer. Do not overload the washer.

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