How To Repair Antique Candle Sconces

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Antique Candle Holder Brass

Antique candle sconces are a part of any home decorating. Antique lamps can be at the center of your design scheme, whether you are a classic Victorian decor or a funky mid-century modern look. You may already have a light you want to repair or perhaps you are just starting the search for the perfect light. Antique candle sconces are at yard sales, thrift stores, even in trash cans and landfills.


Inserts the plug remove old cable with wire cutters. Loosen and remove the brackets holding the cables in place in the lamp’s base. You may do this by hand, but some lights may require the use of tools. Unscrew the socket of the lamp and pull up gently to expose several inches of wire. Cut off the socket as well, leaving several inches of wire at each end of the lamp. This makes rewiring much easier later.

Clean the light thoroughly but gently, using a cleanser designed for the lamp’s surface. Check and clean the inside as well, especially if you’re light has areas that can attract dust and bugs.  Tape new thread to the base end of the old wire with electrical tape. New cables up through the lamp base with the old cable. Reconnect fittings to the wire at the base of the lamp, to secure the new power cord and plug.

Mount your antique candle sconces with original and reproduction parts. Replace the shade, if needed, with a similar original. Make sure all your pieces are in place, including new lights, and connect and turn on your lights repaired.

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