Tasty Ideas For Absinthe Fountain

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Absinthe Fountain Party

Absinthe fountain – A typical absinthe glass will be marked or cast in some way to show you the level of absinthe. You can also use a cocktail glass, but remember your ratio should be 1 ounce Absinthe to 4 to 8 ounces of water, so be sure to use glasses that are big enough.

Start by pouring an ounce of absinthe fountain in your glass. Lay the perforated spoon with sugar cube, across the top of the glass. Very gradually dripping ice water on the sugar cube. As the cube dissolves, will watered ice water drip down and mixed with absinthe. After all the sugar is dissolved, to top off the glass with ice water taste. Some people prefer more water and some less. But you never want to serve absinthe straight. It’s just not true – ask any vampire!

For a Halloween party, or any party for that matter, it is best to buy or rent an ice water fountain. This absinthe fountain control the drop rate of ice water and is usually designed to prepare at least four drinks at the same time. Never, ever, ever make your absinthe the way Johnny Depp character prepares it in “From Hell”. Lighting your absinthe AND sugar cube, and then mix them together is not only rude, to say the least, but it also burns off alcohol before going to drink it! What a waste!

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