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Beer Customize Mug

Customize mugs – Make your next beer mug more special with a beer mug personalized monogram. Monogram beer mugs make great gifts for lovers of craft beer and are easy to make. You can do an entire set in the house during an afternoon, and apart from the cups though, you can find everything you need in a great craft shop and hobby. Your favorite beer drinkers will enjoy sipping their next craft beer from a mug personalized with love. Find beer mug with a smooth outer in the top half and the bottom half cut facets.

Cups with facets that extend from top to bottom will not work; you need a smooth surface for the letter monogram. Prepare a message clip; Draw a horizontal line along the base line of the letter. Cut the letter monogram. Leave a lasting sheet of paper on the bottom edge. Cut a piece of self-adhesive. Add beer customize mugs on the one hand and respect shelf paper. Draw a horizontal line to indicate where you want to baseline Monogram sit. Make a mark where the center point of the letter will rest.

Coat the back of your letter paper with spray adhesive and let it dry for a few seconds. Press the letter on the shelf paper. Cut the sheet and then cut out the letter. Remove the paper. Wear goggles and gloves and a dollop of cream etching on the surface of the glass. Use a spatula to spread a thick layer of cream over the letter. Let the cream to dry for 15 minutes before using the spatula to remove excess cream. Rinse beer customize mugs personalized with soap and warm water.

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