Wire An Outdoor Double Wall Sconce

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Unique Double Wall Sconce

Double wall sconce – Security is an important factor in and around each home. Lighting plays a big role in this, especially around the outside area of ​​your home. Adding new exterior lighting and exterior sconces are a good way to improve security and give your home a new look. Connecting an external mound requires 03:58 to complete, depending on the mound will be placed and where the power coming from. Look where sconce will be positioned on the wall. Cut a hole in the wall equal to the size of the electrical box that will sit behind the double wall sconce. Go up to the attic and drill a one-inch hole in the double header card is located directly above the walls you just cut holes in. This will give you a road from the wind down through the wall to redoubt hole.

Press a 12-2 electrical cable through one-inch hole down to the hole you cut in the wall. Go back down and pull the cable through the hole you cut in the wall for the double wall sconce. Push the cable into the new electrical box and press the electric box into the hole in the wall. Secure the electrical box to the wall.

Strip ½ inch of insulation off of the ends of the black and white electrical wires. Connect the black wire of the cable to the black wire in the wall sconce. Connect the white wire of the cable to the white line on the double wall sconce. Place the plastic screw caps on each joint.

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